Thursday, 17 May 2007

Thank you to the lady who called me from the Saxstead area reporting a sighting of two black labs, the gentleman who saw two labs in Sible Hedingham and the gentleman who phoned me this morning reporting a sighting of two stray black labs at Ardleigh near Colchester. I have followed all these sightings up but so far no result. It is a heart breaking process, but I do follow up all leads, because I know one day it will be Blossom and Penelope.

I can't help feeling that someone has them as pets. Who ever it is may be so fond of them that all my appeals are falling on deaf ears. It is hard to keep optimistic. Yesterday was particularly difficult being one month since they were taken.

I will be at Hadleigh show manning the Samaritan trailer with fellow volunteers and I will have a placard and be distributing posters aswell. The main publicity photograph of the girls was actually taken at Hadleigh last year when the girls were the star attraction on the trailer. I will also be at the Suffolk Show trying to spread the word about them. Perhaps I will get the chance to meet some of you lovely people who are trying to help me.

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