Monday, 14 May 2007

BBC Radio Suffolk

BBC Radio Suffolk have Emailed me to ask me to take part in their Breakfast Show, to talk about the girls and my experiences in trying to find them. I should be on between 8am and 8:30am and hopefully this will help spread the word even further.

We have continued to poster the area, and helpers from have been so helpful with messages of support, taking time out to put up posters and spread the word about Blossom and Penny.

looking at other people's stories it has taken months for other peoples dogs to be found. Because if has been a few weeks now, it can be hard to be optimistic - but it has been amazing just how kind total strangers have been, how many people tell me that they have seen a poster and are keeping an eye out, that they heard an appeal on the radio or been told about the dogs by a friend.

I even a couple in a passing car see my poster and as I drove along the on the A12 last week and pull up to to tell me that they had just seen two black Labradors 20 miles up the road. I rushed up there, but, sadly when I went to see the dogs they were not my Blossom and Penny. Whilst it was upsetting after hoping all the way there it could be them, I was glad to hear from the police that were chipped and someone should be getting their two dogs home safely.

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